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Vastu for Hospital

Vastu Tips for Hospital

Vastu for Hospital

Hospitals and Nursing Homes that are built according to Vastu principles lead to better success rate of healing of patients leading to greater popularity of the doctors and the hospital.

Vastu for Hospital

  1. The main entrance of the hospital should be in the East, North  or the North-East.
  2. The central part of the hospital should be kept open for natural light and fresh air to come in.
  3. The operation theater should be placed in the West or South. Operations should be done facing East or North. The patient’s head should be in the South at the time of operation. The ICU should be in the North zone but with patient’s heads to the South. If North zone is not possible then the East zone should be used .
  4. The doctor’s consulting room should be in the South-West. Managerial and executive staff can be seated in the South zone facing North. Doctors should sit facing North or East while examining a patient.
  5. The emergency wards should be in the North-West to facilitate quick healing.
  6. The other wards should be placed in such a way that the patient’s heads are in the South.
  7. There should be a small multi-faith shrine in the North-East corner of the hospital.
  8. Medical equipment’s and the store should be in the South-West. The South-West should be raised in a level higher than the rest of the flooring.
  9. The X-ray and MRI room and all other electrical appliances and equipment should be in the South-East. The kitchen should also be placed in this zone.
  10. The doctor’s and nurse’s quarters can be in the North-West and South-East
  11. The toilet blocks should be in the North-West of  the building.
  12. The OPD blocks, pharmacy and research block can also be in the North-West zone of the building.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Hospital Vastu

Q-1:- Which direction is good for hospital?
Ans:  East is good for entrance lounge, reception.

Q-2:- In which direction the room should be situated according to Vastu for good health?
Ans:  North is a healing zone. Beds should be placed such that heads are to the South.

Q-3:-  Where should medicines be kept as per Vastu?
Ans:  Southwest is a zone of earth element that represents stability.
Storages are allowed in Southwest. Thus medicenes can be stored in Southwest.

Q-4:-How does Vastu affect health?
Ans:  Vastudoshas affect both physical and mental health.

Q-5:- Where to put a toilet in a small clinic as per Vastu?
Ans:  Toilet can be placed in West or South zone.