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Remedies in Vastu Shastra

Remedies in Vastu Shastra

The purpose of Vastu is the positive confluence of two streams: the organic cosmic stream with passage from North to South and the pranic cosmic stream with passage from East to West.

North and East are source directions of organic and pranic energy.

South and West are sink directions of organic and pranic energy.

Very often, in residential and commercial spaces only one stream is available.
In such cases the other stream is brought into the space by artificial means to create the positive confluence of the two.
This is done by load adjustment, level difference, strong ventilation etc.

Vastu remedies do not always require breakage and reconstruction of the premises.
Often all that is required is a relocation of furniture, colour management, bringing in light and the use of crystals, pyramids, mirrors, bells and very importantly, water.

  1. Pyramids: Pyramids are energized instruments that are organically charged.
    They absorb all negative energies and generate positivity.
    A pyramid has four triangular sloping sides with a flat base. The tip is called the Apex.
    There are several energy fields in the atmosphere like cosmic rays, electromagnetic waves, gravitational waves etcthat enter the pyramid from all four sides and form Pranic energy.
    Pyramids made from lead, brass, zinc and crystal are used not only to correct Vastu defects, but can also be installed for generating positivity at home or office which leads to harmony and success.
    Note: It is very important to take the advice of a Vastu consultant before installing pyramids.
  2. Crystals: Crystals represent the earth element and help in the holistic cure of the environment.
    In Vastu each crystal has its specific property and effect.
    Astrologically each planet has its descendant in a crystal, and each planet belongs to a particular direction.
    Thus keeping the correct crystal in a specific direction will energise the zone.
    Since the five elements of nature are also classified on the basis of specifc shapes, the corresponding shape given to a crystal used for a particular zone will yield better results.
  3. Colours: Colours are a powerful tool used to correct Vastu faults because each colour radiates a different vibration or wavelength
    Each of the five elements of nature is represented by a colour, as also each planet and constellation.
    When colours are appropriately used in each zone they become strong mobilisers of energy.
  4. Mirrors: Mirrors are among the most useful of Vastu remedies.
    They can be used to expand a space or give depth to it or rectify any missing corner of the building.
    A concave bagua mirror is used when negative energy in the exterior of the building needs to be neutralized by being absorbed.
    A convex bagua mirror is used to reflect back negative energies.
    All types of mirrors should be used only in on the advice of a Vastu consultant because a mirror in the wrong direction or shape can do more harm than good.
  5. Water: Water element belongs to the North-East direction and represents wealth and prosperity. A water fountain in this zone enhances good fortune and harmony.
    However only underground water tanks are auspicious for this zone and not overhead water tanks.
  6. Sound: The ringing of a bell denotes positivity.
    The sound energises the brain as well as the atmosphere.
    The ringing of a bell creates divine energies of pure consciousness that gets projected into the element of space to eliminate negative energies and regenerate the energy streams within a building.
    Wind Chimes also neutralize negative energy and remove blockages in the energy path.
    They are used as tools to remove Vastu defects.
    However it is best to consult a Vastu specialist regarding the material from which they are made and the number of rods needed.
  7. Light: Sunlight provides the most balanced source of light and energy so it is the most favourable source of light for both residence and workplace.
    Light in the North and East are considered positive and light in the South and West are considered negative because they are sink directions.
    This why maximum windows must be in the North, East and North-East.
  8. Plants: Very often plants and trees are used to correct Vastu faults.
    Christmas and Almond trees have a pyramidal shape and are considered living pyramids. They are used in the South and West.
    Mango tree represents Venus and is of great value in the South-East.
    The North-East should not have trees.
    Tulsi creates positive energy in the North-East.
    Aromatic plants in the North-West energise the wind element.
  9. Level Difference: Sometimes the Vastu of a building is disturbed because of the level difference.
    Since the aim of Vastu is to accelerate the moon stream and reduce the sun stream, a lesser mass towards source direction ie North, East and North-East, and, more load toward sink direction ie South, West and South-West is ideal for maximum positive energy.
  10. VastuYantra: A Yantra is a graphic geometrical combination of elements, colours, mantras, letters and symbols that collectively becomes an instrument to generate positive energy.
    The 45 different patterns of energies also called 45 deities of Vastupurusha are activated and the positive influence of 16 directions and 5 elements of nature are harmonized on this plate made of copper or gold.
    The energies created by strategically positioned Yantras replace missing energies.
    The power of a Yantra that has been correctly charged with Mantras and other rituals is limitless.
    It is a powerful metaphysical remedy that is used only when all other remedies don’t bring results or when the problem is very serious.
Remedies in Vastu Shastra
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Other yantras used in Vastu remedies are:

  • Maruti Yantra,
  • Shri Yantra,
  • Surya Yantra etc.