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About Vastu

Introduction To Vastu Shastra

Vastushastra is an ancient Indian science that aims to create a synergy between the microcosm represented by humans and the macrocosm represented by the universe. In this process mere voids are transformed into dynamic energizing habitats.

Vastushastra deals with the science of energy and matter. It enables the turning of non-manifest energy into manifest material forms. It is a science of event manifestation capable of changing a human’s cosmic path. It builds a connecting bridge between man’sinner space and the outer space of the cosmos.

Vastushastra essentially deals with two energy sources- Solar energy and Geomagnetic energy.
It aims at controlling the flow of these energies by selecting proper directions and alignments in order to enhance positive energy and subtract negative energy.

Geomagnetic energy flows from North to South and is an organic, unidirectional flow.

Solar energy flows from East to West and is dynamic because of the changing position of the Sun in relation to earth.

A positive confluence of these two streams is the aim of VastuShastra.
Most people would have had the experience some time or other that a particular building or space was unpleasant and disturbing. This happens when there are negative energies present.

Every material in the universe radiates energy either positive or negative. If the stored energy at any habitat is positive, the inhabitants will enjoy good health, wealth and happiness. If the stored energy is negative, the inhabitants suffer from chronic illness, unhappiness and financial problems.

Negative energy enters a building when the five elements of nature : earth, air, water, fire, and space and the 16 directions are incorrectly aligned in relation to each other. This is known as Vastu imbalance. Such a space needs Vastu correction to select proper directions and alignments in order to let positive energy flow without any impediment

The fundamentals of Vastushastra are the five elements of nature, sixteen directions, sun and moon streams, study of vibrations, waves, sound and light, and a combination along with various permutations of all these.

Let us examine each of these points in detail in order to get a better understanding of VastuShastra.