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Vastu For Prayer Room

Vastu Tips for Prayer Room / Vastu Advice for Prayer Room

Vastu For Prayer Room
  1. The best place for the Prayer room is the North East of a house also called the Ishaan zone. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity and Jupiter is the planet for this zone.
  2. In a house with a ground and an upper floor, the Prayer room should be in the ground floor. Pyramid shaped rooms are good for Prayer rooms.
  3. Prayer room should not be above, below or next to a toilet or under a staircase, or in a storeroom or basement.
  4. In case a separate room is not available, Vastu permits Prayer in the kitchen with placement of God and the lamp in the North East.
  5. Prayer in the bedroom of a married couple is not permitted. If this is unavoidable, then the Prayer area should be covered with a curtain or little wooden doors on all sides.
  6. Idols of deities should not be placed in an alcove in a wall. Idols should be one inch away from the walls. Ideally idols should be not taller than the height of your thumb. Taller idols need the sanctity maintained in temples which is very difficult to achieve in a home.
  7. Broken idols or discarded idols brought from places of worship should not be used in the prayer room.
  8. Doors and windows of the Prayer room should be in the North and East. The doors should ideally have 2 shutters and door closers should not be used.
  9. The colours of the Prayer room should be white marble on the floor and white, light yellow or light blue on the Wood or marble is the best material to be used for the Prayer room.
  10. Never conceal any money or other valuables in the Prayer room.
  11. Do not place photos of ancestors or other deceased persons in the Prayer room.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Prayer Room Vastu

Q-1:- In which direction should you not place the Prayer room?
Ans:  Prayer room should not be placed in West, Southwest, South, Southeast, Northwest.

Q-2:-  In which direction should a god face in a Prayer room?
Ans:  God can face either West or South.

Q-3:-  What should we not do in Prayer room?

  1. Do not use as a bedroom or a storage room.
  2. Do not use as a place to keep money or jewellery.
  3. Do not use any idols or pictures discarded by places of worship Always use new ones.
  4. Do not use broken or cracked idols or statues. If they are cracked, then gently let them flow away in any river.
  5. Do not have a Prayer room below a staircase.
  6. Do not have a Prayer room above, below or next to a toilet.
  7. Do not display your dead ancestors pictures in Prayer room.

Q-4:-  How many steps are there in Prayer room?
Ans:  Prayer room in the Northeast can be 2 steps below the rest of the house.

Q-5:-  Can Prayer room be in front of main door?
Ans:  No for aesthetic reasons. Prayers are a personal activity and need privacy.

Q-6:-  Can we place Prayer room in Hall?
Ans:  Prayer can be kept in the Northeast or East corner of Living room.
Keep covered with a curtain when not in use.