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Vastu and Marriage

Vastu Tips for Marriage

Vastu Tips for Marriage Thevastupractice

The positive energy created in a home built according to Vastu principles leads to a happy marriage and stable family relationships.

Vastu and Marriage

  1. The master bedroom should always be in the South-West. If it is already occupied, the eldest son can use the bedroom in the South.
  2. Never use a bedroom in the South-East as this gives rise to marital problems and other tensions.
  3. Never use a bedroom in the North-East.
  4. The bed should be placed in the South-West corner of the room and the head should be placed South or East while sleeping. There should be a solid wall behind the bed.
  5. The bed should be made of wood preferably with a single mattress and should be a rectangle. Round beds and floating water beds are not conducive to a happy marriage.
  6. The bed should not be placed under a beam. If the bed cannot be shifted to any other location and a false ceiling can be created then a pair if bamboo flutes tied with a red ribbon with the blowing end facing down can be hung over the beam.
  7. It is important for couples to avoid a box bed. This is very difficult because of the paucity of space but is very beneficial in the long run. Keep the floor under the bed clean and free of any clutter. If a box bed cannot be avoided take care to store only light material like clothes or bedsheets. Definitely no electrical or metal appliances.
  8. All heavy furniture such as wardrobe, bookshelf etc should be placed in the South or West.
  9. The dressing table can be in the North or East wall. It is important to ensure that the mirror does not reflect the bed. Take care to cover the mirror when not in use.
  10. It is best to keep the bedroom free of any television, computer or any other machinery.
  11. Shastras say that a wife should sleep on the left of her husband.
  12. The interiors should be aesthetic and pleasant. Avoid red and black colours in the bedroom. Do not keep thorny or bonsai plants or an aquarium in the bedroom.
  13. Open the doors and windows daily to allow fresh air to enter and cleanse all old and negative energy.