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Importance Of Directions In Vastu

Importance Of Directions In Vastu

The principle of Vastu depends on the arrangement and re- arrangements of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and sky to achieve the best possible results. Much importance is given to directions. Each direction has its presiding deity which in turn has its own particular characteristic.

Among the directions East and North hold a special position. The East, because the sun, the source of energy rises in the east, and the North is the roof of the world and the magnetic pole as well.

Vastu is the science of orientation of directions. There are 16 different directions each direction having a different impact on the human body. Some directions affect us positively and some adversely but each direction has a definite impact on our life.

By nature, South- East and North- West are dual directions, North-East is the most benefic and South-West the most malefic.

There are 3 categories of directions:

16 Directions Thevastupractice
  1. Cardinal directions
  2. Diagonal directions
  3. Sub- Diagonal directions.
  1. Cardinal Directions:
  • NORTH: The presiding deity of the North is Kuber the lord of wealth. The ruling planet is Mercury.
  • EAST:  The presiding deity is Indra and the ruling planet is of course the sun.
  • WEST:  The presiding deity is Varun. And the ruling planet is Saturn.
  • SOUTH:  The presiding deity is Yama and the ruling planet is Mars.

2. Diagonal Directions:

These directions lie between cardinal directions and are most important in Vastushastra.
Each diagonal is related to a basic element.

  • NORTH-EAST( ESHANYA):  This is the zone between North and East. It is the water zone ruled by Jupiter. The lord of this zone is Shiva. This zone should be left clear and free from clutter and is the zone of health, wealth and prosperity. It is ideal for the puja room. .
  • SOUTH –EAST (AAGNEYA):  This is the zone between South and East. It is the fire zone ruled by Venus. The lord of this zone is Agni. The kitchen should be in this zone.
  • SOUTH-WEST (NAIRUTYA): this is the zone between South and West. The element of this zone is earth and Nairutya is the presiding deity. It is ruled by Rahu and Ketu. It should be the highest and heaviest zone. The master of the house or office should use this space.
  • NORTH-WEST( VAVYA): this is the zone between North and West. The element of this zone is wind, and is ruled by the Moon. The lord of this zone is Vayu. Nothing stays stable in this zone. It is the zone of change.

3. Sub-diagonal Directions:

These are 8 in number:


Determining directions is very important in any Vastu treatment. Direction should be exact and accurate and a compass should be used to determine the direction from the center of the plot. Never determine any direction by the position of the Sun because it is variable with seasons.