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Vastu For Residence

Vastu is a holistic science which is in full conformity with the entire cosmos and the flow of energy from all sources. Vastu guides the individual towards the best way to live in synergy with the five elements of nature. It is thus very important to plan a house according to the principles of Vastu in order to achieve this synergy.

Vastu Tips For Residence

Vastu Tips For Residence
  • Vastu For Main Door
  • Vastu For Bedrooms
  • Vastu For Dining Room
  • Vastu For Bathrooms
  • Vastu For Drawing Room
  • Vastu For Prayer Room
  • Vastu for Children’s Study Room
  • Vastu For Kitchen
  • Vastu For Basement
  • Vastu For Balcony
  • Vastu For Staircase
  • Vastu And Plants
  • The Importance Of Tulsi
  • Vastu For Garage
  • Vastu For Guest Room