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Vastu For Dining Room

Vastu Tips for Dining Rooms

Vastu For Dining Room

The dining room is very essential to the health and harmony of the family.

  1. The best zone for the dining room is the West zone of the house, followed by the East. If the Dining is in the kitchen, it should be in the North-west or West zone of the kitchen.
  2. If the dining room is in any other direction besides the West, then the dining table should be in the West zone of that room.
  3. Always face East or North while eating as this promotes longevity and wealth. Facing South while eating causes family disputes and facing West causes ill health.
  4. The door to the dining room should be on the East, North or West walls. Avoid a door on the South wall.
  5. The main door of the house and the dining room door should not face each other.
  6. The dining table should be square or rectangle in shape. Round tables are not auspicious.
  7. The table should be placed in the South West of the dining room. The head of the family should sit in the South West or the South, facing North, East or North East.
  8. Wooden dining tables are the best. Metal, granite, marble or glass tops are not advisable. Modern adjustable tables which are foldable are also not advisable.
  9. The fridge can be kept in the South East corner of the dining room.
  10. Wash basin can be provided in the North, East or North East. Avoid having a toilet next to, or in front of the dining room.
  11. Heavy cupboards for storing crockery etc should be in the South West.
  12. The dining room should be well ventilated with natural sunlight.
  13. There should not be a beam above the dining table.
  14. The dining table should not be against a wall. There should be sufficient space for movement all around the dining table.
  15. In case of a drawing cum dining room, demarcate the area of dining using either a curtain or a screen, or use separate colours for the floor.
  16. The walls should have very soft colours.
  17. The food from the kitchen should not cross a staircase to get to the dining room as it decreases the auspicious energy of the food.
  18. A mirror can be placed on the Eastern or Northern wall of the Dining room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Dining Room Vastu

Q-1:- Where should be dining as per Vastu?
Ans:  Dining room should be in the West or Northwest of the house.
If Dining room is in any other direction then sit in the West zone of that room.

Q-2:-  Can we place dining table in front of main door?
Ans:  Dining table should not be in front of main door because eating a meal is a personal activity and needs some privacy.

Q-3:-  What are the things to consider in planning a dining room?
Ans:  Dining room should be well ventilated and West of the kitchen.
It can be situated in Northwest or West.
Dining table should be rectangle in shape.

Q-4:-  What are some tips for buying dining room furniture?
Ans:  A Rectangular table and comfortable chairs.
Face North or East while eating.