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Helpful Vastu Tips

Helpful Vastu Tips:-

  1. Avoid temples made of acrylic, glass and metal. Wooden or marble temples are auspicious.
  2. Photos of dead ancestors should be placed in the South-West.
  3. Photos of dead ancestors should not be placed in the prayer room.
  4. Always bathe facing East or North.
  5. Make sure that there is a solid wall behind the bed. Avoid a window or plain glass sheet behind the bed. If this cannot be avoided, make sure that there is a high headboard.
  6. Make sure that a mirror does not reflect the bed because it causes energy drain and disturbed sleep.
  7. Never use the space under your bed to store things. It will disturb your sleep.
  8. Avoid using manmade materials like plastic and acrylic inside your house. They are not adequate conductors of cosmic energies.
  9. Keep the corners of your house and office uncluttered, clean and well lit. Corners are potent energy sources.
  10. Always keep the lid of the WC closed when not in use.
  11. Clocks that have stopped should be removed immediately because they create negative energy.
  12. Always sit facing North or East at your office desk for better performance, prosperity and success.
  13. Always have a wall behind your chair in the office for strength and success.
  14. Never grow any plant with milky liquid in your home garden .eg rubber plant.