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Relationship between Vastu, Planets & Deities

Relationship between Vastu, Planets & Deities

Vastu is a combination of science, art, astronomy and astrology and indicates the influence of heavenly bodies on human dwellings.

Relationship Between Vastu, Planets & Deities

All buildings have a direct co-relation with electromagnetic forces and gravitational field of the earth which leads to energy radiating from all directions.
Vastu and Astrology are interdependent and interrelated. From Astrology we get the information on colours, metals, five great elements related to planets and directions which is of immense value for creating Vastu- related remedial measures.
Human dwellings are an extension of human bodies just as the universe is an extension of a home. Thus our home links us to the universe.
Astrology is the science of studying the influence of heavenly bodies on humans.
Vastu is the science of studying the influence of heavenly bodies on human dwellings.

Vedic Astrology mentions the combined influence on individuals of :

  • 9 planets
  • 27 constellations
  • 12 zodiac signs

Nine Planets:

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mars
  4. Mercury
  5. Jupiter
  6. Venus
  7. Saturn
  8. Rahu
  9. Ketu

have lordship over different directions.

Each Planet has its own direction:

Sun:                             East
Moon:                         North-West
Mercury:                    North
Jupiter:                      North-East
Venus:                        South-East
Mars:                          South
Saturn:                       West
Rahu-Ketu:                South-West

Each direction has its own presiding deity:

North:                            Kuber
North-East:                   Shiva
East:                               Indra
South-East:                   Agni
South:                             Yama
South-West:                  Nairuti
West:                              Varun
North-West:                  Vayu

The 12 Zodiac signs are also related to the 5 elements of nature ie: Panchtatw

Zodiac sign                     Element                                  Direction
Aries                                 Fire                                           East
Taurus                             Earth                                         South
Gemini                             Air                                             West
Cancer                              Water                                        North
Leo                                    Fire                                            East
Virgo                                 Earth                                         South
Libra                                 Air                                              West
Scorpio                             Water                                        North
Sagittarius                       Fire                                            East
Capricorn                         Earth                                        South
Aquarius                           Air                                             West
Pisces                                Water                                       North

This relationship between Astrology and Vastu reflects in physical and biological events in the lives of humans.

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