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List of Our Vastu Consultancy Services

The aim of Vastu is to establish a synergy between human beings and the Pranic energy of the universe. Vastu creates a positive relationship between the microcosm consisting of humans and the macrocosm represented by the universe. It has the ability to change a human’s cosmic path leading to stability and success.

Vastu For Residence

Vastu is a holistic science which is in full conformity with the entire cosmos and the flow of energy from all sources. Vastu guides the individual towards the best way to live in synergy with the five elements of nature..

Vastu For Business

An individual is defined by his place of work. It is as important as his residence because he /she spends a major part of the day in the place of work..

Vastu for Plots

The location and shape of the plot is the most important part of the building process because it what determines the nature of the synergy between the owner and the cosmos..

Gainful Vastu Tips

Simple tips to increase positive energy and to create an environment that is in harmony with nature and the cosmos..

Vastu for Hospital

Hospitals and Nursing Homes that are built according to Vastu principles lead to better success rate of healing of patients leading to greater popularity of the doctors and the hospital..

Vastu and Marriage

The positive energy created in a home built according to Vastu principles leads to a happy marriage and stable family relationships..

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Geeta Subramanium is a well known vastu consultant in New Delhi, India

Vastu Tips and Remedies

Vastu tips to bring health and wealth -It is advisable and consult a to Best Vastu Consultant in New Delhi India

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Geeta Subramanium is a well known vastu consultant in New Delhi, India.

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VastuShastra is an ancient Indian science that aims to create a synergy between the microcosm represented by humans and the macrocosm represented by the universe. In this process mere voids are transformed into dynamic energizing habitats.