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Vastu For Drawing Room

Vastu Tips For Drawing Room

Vastu For Drawing Room
  1. The best locations for the drawing room are the North, East or North-West.
    The North direction is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury rules speech. Speech leads to communication, relationships and friendships. The North is the most beneficial direction for the drawing room.
    The East direction is ruled by the Sun who indicates enlightenment, energy and new beginnings.
    The North-West is ruled by the Moon and belongs to the element of Air which indicates movement which means that guests will not stay long.
  2. The doors of the drawing room should not be in South- East or South West. Eastern and Northern doors are auspicious.
  3. Heavy furniture should be in the South, West or South- West corner of the room.
  4. The head of the family should always sit in the South- West facing North.
  5. The North, East and North- East part of the room should be left open .
  6. The center of the room, the Brahmasthan should be left empty.
  7. The television should be placed in the South East corner of the room.
  8. The air conditioner or cooler can be in the North- West corner.
  9. Chandeliers should be placed toward the West rather than the exact center of the room. This is because the heavy gravitational force created by the chandelier should not fall on the Brahmasthan. A crystal chandelier absorbs all negative energy brought in by visitors.
  10. Furniture should be square or rectangular as far as possible. Circular, triangular, oval or any other odd shape is not considered auspicious.
  11. Furniture kept in the East or the North, should be light and hollow and placed 1-3 inches above the floor.
  12. A decorative mirror can be placed on the Northern or Eastern wall.
  13. Pictures or photos of Gods should not be displayed above the entrance door or inside the Drawing room. The only exception is that a photo or painting of Lord Ganesha can be displayed above the entrance doors, but should be placed back to back. This is because the back of Lord Ganesha is considered to signify poverty. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Drawing Room Vastu

Q-1:- What should be in a drawing room as per Vastu?
Ans:  Sofas and chairs for relaxation and conversation, low coffee and side tables.
TV and gaming console should be in the Southeast corner.
Furniture should be square or rectangular only.
Avoid circular, triangular and other odd shaped furniture.

Q-2:-  Where should a drawing room be located?
Ans:  In the North, Northeast, Northwest zones. It can even be in the center of the house which is the Brahmasthan.

Q-3:-  What is the difference between a living room and a drawing room?
Ans:  A living room and a drawing room Both are same.

Q-4:-  What is the purpose of a drawing room?
Ans:  To meet visitors and also for the family members to relax and have conversation.

Q-5:-  Which Colour is best for drawing room according to Vastu?
Ans:  white, blue, beige, green Colour is best for drawing room.