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Vastu For Educational Institutions

Vastu Tips for Educational Institutions like Schools, College, and University

vastu for school

Educational institutions are the foundation of a nation. It is important that such institutions are built with due consideration to Vastu principles to ensure dynamic and consistent growth of a nation.

Vastu For Educational Institutions
  1. All educational institutions should be built with an East, North or North-east entrance.
  2. The prayer hall or area should also be in the North-East.
  3. Schools should have large playgrounds which should be in the North-East. A borewell and/or a swimming pool can also be made in the North-East.
  4. All classrooms should be square or rectangular with a 1:2 proportion.
  5. Students should face East or North while sitting in classrooms.
  6. Beams should be placed carefully in the classrooms ensuring that no student sits under a beam.
  7. Toilets can be placed in the West, South or North-West.
  8. The canteen should be in the South-East.
  9. The administration and cashier block can be in the North and it will be beneficial if the staff sits facing North.
  10. The principal of the school should sit in the South-West block of the building.
  11. Computer block and generator can be in the South-East or North West,
  12. The staircase can be in the South, West or South-West.

Frequently Asked Questions About Educational Institutions Vastu

Q-1:- In which direction teacher should teach?
Ans: Students should face East while learning, so teacher can face West.

Q-2:- What should be the direction of the best school building?
Ans:  East is the best direction for a school.

Q-3:-  What are the essentials of good school building?
Ans:  Plenty of natural light and sunshine, large grounds to play in, good library and computer infrastructure. 

Q-4:- What is the importance of educational infrastructure?
Ans:  To create an intelligent and hardworking future generation.