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Vastu For Bedrooms

Vastu Tips for Bedroom / Vastu for Bedrooms, Bedroom Vastu, Vastu Advice for Bedroom

Vastu For Bedrooms
  1. Bedroom in the North –East leads to loss of  wealth and obstruction of all work.
    Bedroom in the South-East leads to mental and marital problems.
    Bedroom in the Brahmsthan leads to loss of sleep and mental peace.
    The master bedroom should be in the South–West zone. This is the dominance zone with earth element which gives stability and strength.The master of the house should always avoid bedrooms in the North-East and South-East corners and the Brahmsthan of the house.
  2. Children can use a bedroom in the North or East.
  3. The eldest son can use a bedroom in the South.
  4. A North-West bedroom can be used by a daughter or as a guestroom.
  5. The bed should be in the South-West corner of the bedroom. There should be a solid wall behind the bed. The foot of the bed should not face the door of the room. One should sleep with head toward South or East only. The South gives longevity and the East ensures enlightenment.
  6. Never place a mirror in front of the bed. If this cannot be avoided, keep the mirror covered when not in use.
  7. Avoid doors in the South-West and South-East directions. Doors should be in the North, East and North-East.
  8. Keep the center of the bedroom empty as far as possible.
  9. Electrical appliances like TV, heater, iron etc should be in the South-East.
  10. All heavy furniture like cupboards should be in the South and West. The cupboard containing cash, jewellery and valuables should open North.
  11. Box beds are not recommended but due to paucity of space in modern house, they are being used. It is important that only soft clothes and bedsheets, pillows etc are stored in the box bed. Definitely no metal or electrical appliances  should be stored in the box bed.
  12. Avoid a prayer area in the bedroom. If a separate area cannot be given in the North-East of the house for prayer, then a small prayer area can be made in the North-East corner of the kitchen.
  13. The bed should not be under a beam. If it is unavoidable, then the beam should run along the length of the bed and not the width. The best way is to close it by a false ceiling or by hanging a pair of bamboo flutes with the blowing side facing downwards from the beam with a red ribbon.
  14. Wooden beds are the best. Avoid metal, iron or water beds. The bed should be straight and rectangular. Odd shapes are not suitable.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Bedrooms Vastu

Q-1:- What should not be put in bedroom?

  1. First and foremost you should not put puja in the  bedroom.
  2. No electronic devices like cell phones, TV, game consoles etc
  3. Do not eat food in the bedroom.
  4. Do not have exercise equipment in the bedroom.
  5. Do not have dirty clothes, footwear,  or any other clutter in the bedroom.

Q-2:-  Which side bed should be placed in bedroom?
Ans:  For adults, The bed should be placed on the Southern wall so that head is in the South while sleeping.
For children, the bed should be placed in the Eastern wall so that the head is in the East while sleeping.

Q-3:-  Which direction is best for sleep?
Ans:  Head shouldideally  be in the South for adults and East for children.

Q-4:-  How should a bedroom be set up?
Ans:  Bed should be in East wall for children or South wall for adults.
Do not have any electronic devices or any clutter in the bedroom.
Only a bed with clean sheets, a firm new mattress and good ventilation for sound sleep.

Q-5:-  How can I make my bedroom look better?
Ans:  Paint bedroom in soft and soothing  neutral or pastel colours.
Do not have any scary pictures or paintings.
Avoid all clutter like dirty clothes, electronic devices, or scattered toys.
Do not have Puja in the bedroom.

Q-6:-  What is the dimension of a bedroom?
Ans:  12 feet x 15 feet is the minimum space. This can be bigger depending on amount of space available.