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Beneficial Vastu Tips

Beneficial Vastu Tips for Plots and Homes

  1. Never buy an adjacent plot in the South-West, South-East, West or North-West even if it is available at a cheaper cost. It will lead to mental and financial stress, theft and death.
  2. Adjacent plots in the North and East bring prosperity and wealth.
  3. If an adjacent plot is available in the North-East it should be purchased immediately even if it is higher than the market rate. Purchasing an adjacent North-East plot will increase the North-East zone of the plot and will bring prosperity.
  4. Square plots with all four angles at 90 degrees are best because energy fields are strongest in such plots. Pyramids have strong energy fields since their base is square. An example of this are the gopurams of temples in south India.
  5. Plots of irregular shapes and those with corners cut are to be avoided.
  6. The rules of Vastu are equally applicable to self-owned and to rented premises. Both owner and tenant suffer the consequences of Vastu defects in a building.
  7. Extension of a building towards the South-West results in disastrous consequences like loss of health or life and financial losses. Extensions in the South-East result in accidents with fire, theft, and litigation.
  8. A toilet in the South-West results in mental tension and ill health of the eldest male member .
  9. A toilet in the North-East is one of the worst Vastu defects resulting in perpetual ill health and financial bankruptcy.
  10. Plots with a road on the North or the East are the best. However plots with a road on the South are very auspicious for hotels, hardware stores, tyre, oil and chemical factories and beauty salons.

    In such plots the main entrance should be taken in the South-East of the South direction.