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Lord Shri Ram

Lord Shri Ram

Lord Shri Ram

He is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, regarded as Uttam Maryada Purushottam : the best among all men, supreme upholder of social values, the jewel of the Raghuvanshi clan.

The ValmikiRamayan describes him as the sun of the sun, the fire of the fire, the god of the god, the supreme unchanging element, omniscient, omnipresent, incorporeal PrabhoPrabhuie ruler of even those who govern all.

He is described as the embodiment of righteousness and Dharma, the “paramaishwarya” ie the supreme lord of all beings. He is the supreme protector and sustainer who is compassion personified.

According to distinguished Sanskrit scholar Professor Sheldon Pollack, the life of Rama as told in the ancient texts offers a framework to understand the nature of life itself.

The Ramcharitmanas combines mythology, philosophy and religious beliefs into a story of life, a code of ethics and is a treatise on universal human values. It explains human dilemmas, the ideal standards of behavior, duties and responsibilities encouraging the reader to view his own life from a spiritual plane.

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