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Vastu and Mirrors

Vastu and Mirrors

Note: Always consult a Vastu expert before using a mirror for Vastu correction.

  1. Mirrors stimulate pranic energy and are widely used as remedies for Vastu correction because they give depth and extend any given direction. When placed correctly mirrors have the power to increase health, wealth and happiness.
  2. The main door of the house should not be reflected in a mirror.
  3. Mirrors should only be hung on the East and North walls in the house.
  4. Mirrors should not be placed opposite one another.
  5. Always hang a mirror flat against the wall and not leaning forward.
  6. Only square or rectangular mirrors should be used. Avoid oval, roundor irregular shaped mirrors.

    Vastu And Mirrors

    Vastu And Mirrors
  7. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom. If this is not possible then keep the mirror covered with a cloth when not in use. The mirror should definitely not reflect the bed.
  8. Avoid a mirror in children’s study room.

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